Smokeinator as a company was formed to supply a unique need in the field of air purification. Smoke related issues are different now,  a new solution was needed, and the VHM-700 Smoke Eater was born.  

A stronger, more energy-efficient motor was required to handle this very dense smoke.  A unit was needed that was configured for both floor standing and ceiling-hung applications, as vape and e-cig smoke pools near the floor, and the hookah, cigarette and cigar smoke rises to the ceiling.

The VHM-700 Smoke Eater was designed specifically with these requirements in mind.  It has the power of a 3.3 amp motor, the capacity for portability with wheels on the floor, the ability to have wheels removed to be shelf-mounted, and can also be hung from the ceiling.

We wanted to create something functional and affordable for our customers.  A machine you would be proud to have seen by your clientele, co-workers and friends.  We believe we have done that.  


Smokeinator is a division of - as such we have been in the air purification business since 1999.  We have thousands of happy customers.  Our commercial units can be found in billiard halls, bingo halls, casinos, nite clubs, American Legions, Moose Lodges, VHW Posts, Elks Lodges, Eagles, Amvets, and many restaurants...Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Smoky Bones, Bahama Breeze, as well as welding shops, medical centers, nail salons and more.


We understand our customers need to provide the best indoor air quality at the best value.


The VHM-700 is the latest in a long line of high-quality air purification systems, built with the next generation of smokers in mind.